All Things Mother Trucker

There are so many aspects to people and sometimes people only see a limited view of who you are. I decided to start a blog where I can detail the many parts that make up Mother Trucker and well as a site for cool creations and how you can replicate them . As a female firefighter in a large department with almost 30 years on, I basically feel that I have at least three topics that I would like to blog about. One is about my passion for creating charity pieces for the brotherhood and how you can easily recreate them. Two is about my journey and input on being a HER in the BrotHERhood. And Three is about staying fit for fire after 50. Occasionally there may be an interesting training topic, but I am not creating this page for firefighting training ideas. There are a lot of great training forums already out there and I highly recommend that you absorb all the training you can if you are in this profession. Stay safe my friends!