My Personal Favorite Items Made From Fire Hose

My Personal Favorite Items Made From Fire Hose

Over the last few years, I have created and donated numerous items to brotherhood charities. Most have been fire department charities and a few police department charities. I would say that there are three main organizations that I annually donate to. It seems that the main recipient has been the Firefighter Ball/Colbert Project. ( and ) This is held annually for the last 5 years and the 6th event date is upcoming for October 12th. Another amazing and personal favorite charity for me is the Krodle Foundation ( My own department and brotherhood would also be in the top three at the receiving end of my projects.

Wine Rack created with crosslay hose and coupling

One of my all time favorite creations is this wine rack. Even though I would list it in my top three, I have only chose to create it once. When I created it, it was a piece that I really wanted to keep for myself. However, I did donate it to the Krodle Foundation Firefighter Jam event. It was used as a silent auction item. It is probably my number one item to be re-pinned again and again by others on Pinterest so I must not be the only one that loves this piece. My goal is to actually re-create this soon and post the steps of the process on this site.

Two types of flags that I create. The USA and the Texas flag.

There are several firefighters that create USA flags from crosslay. When I created my first Texas flag, I had not seen any other Texas flag from crosslay on any website or social media site. So if I wasn’t the first, I was very close to it. I love when I get a vision in my head on how to create the project and then just DO IT! People ask me all the time, why I don’t sell them personally. The number one reason that I don’t sell them is because I want the charities that benefit our brotherhood to get top dollar. If attendees to these events knew they could just turn around and order one from me, the bid amount would not go so astronomical. I am flattered and thankful when charities get top dollar. Of the 6 years that the Firefighter Ball has been benefiting from my contributions, 3 of those years they have personally benefited members of my own department. But regardless of which department the member is from, we are all one brotherhood and I do believe that ‘paying it back’ for this great career is very important.

A Cross Customized with Crosslay Hose and a Metal Fire Maltese Emblem

Besides big charity items, I also need smaller ones. This rustic wooden cross with a piece of crosslay hose attached is the number one item I create over and over. This item doesn’t necessarily cost much to create so it allows me to donate to numerous smaller events. This item is also one that I utilize for funerals as well. Although not a happy time, I do think that the family and brotherhood appreciate the item. I utilize stencils to add a last name or a department initials to personalize it for certain events. It seems as soon as I have one in stock, there is a need for it and out the door it goes.

Step by step instructions for making a fire hose bench are shown on this site at the above link.

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    1. Almost everything I make is for Firefighter charity events or for a member in need within the Dallas metroplex. I do occasionally offer a few for sale similar to the Tom’s shoe idea… you buy one and it enables me to give one away. I haven’t done this in some time so maybe I’ll do soon. However, I did have a ‘give away’ of one on my Instagram account of Mother Trucker Designs for my followers there at the end of January … beginning of February. I may do that again soon as well. Thanks for inquiring.

    1. I haven’t been as responsive to this website as I should be (family medical emergencies). I just saw this comment. I know his birthday just passed as well. Please reach out to me again. Thank you.

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