USA Fire Hose Flag

USA Fire Hose Flag

The first USA Fire Hose Flag was a station project that I instigated. I had a great crew who loved to make their station ‘better than they found it’. They may not have loved projects as much as I did, but they definitely put their best foot forward with this project. We created the project in early fall 2015. It still hangs in the station even though many of us moved onto other stations. We had a solid crew for about 8 years . However, many had been at the station for much longer than that.

I don’t think people realize exactly how much work goes into making one of these flags if you do it correctly. It was definitely beneficial that the first creation was a group project. All of the USA Fire Hose Flags since then have been a solo project with myself being the only creator. It is the number one thing friends ask if I will make for them. However, it seems that I only make the time to create one a year and all those have been donated to charity events by me and not been items for personal profit or gifts. The second flag that I created was in 2016 for the Krodle Foundation’s charity event of the Christmas Jam.

Donated to the Krodle Foundation, December 2016
Among their donations from other businesses, you can see several of my donations. I donated two flags, two crosses, and two wine racks to this event. The USA flag and the Texas Flag (both made from crosslay) were both created and donated by Mother Trucker Designs.

My third USA Fire Hose Flag creation was created barely in time for the Firefighter Ball/Colbert Project in August of 2017. I was down to the wire. I think it ends up taking me about 2 weeks to complete a flag from beginning to end if I already have the hose power washed and dry. I am in awe of people who can do it quicker.

2017 Donation to the Firefighter Ball

I enjoy volunteering and donating to the Firefighter Ball. The one night event makes such an impact on so many people and ultimately benefits the named recipient significantly as well. I started creating and donating items to them in 2014 but my first flag donation was a Texas flag in 2016. It did well but, it never competes with how well my USA Fire Hose Flags do at their live auction. So when the Firefighter Ball of 2018 rolled around, I once again donated a USA Fire Hose Flag That was my fourth USA flag to create. The dates proved my point that I only have created this flag once a year . 2015 – to my station as a station project

2016 – to the Krodle Foundation

2017 – to the Firefighter Ball

2018 – to the Firefighter Ball.

2018 Firefighter Ball Donation

In comparison to my one USA Fire Hose Flag creation a year, I usually am able to make 3 Texas Fire Hose Flag per year to donate. The Texas flag is so much easier of a project to create. The design is simple and the whole project does not take near the time frame.

The 6th Annual Firefighter Ball for 2019 is just around the corner. Here I am still trying to create and it is just days away. Talk about creating extra stress for myself! I have a rustic Texas Fire Hose Flag completely done and ready. With only 6 days before the event, I am still trying to finish the USA Flag. If I can get it completed to my standards before the event, I will actually need to decide which will be the chosen flag to donate this year. So the question is do I switch it up and donate a Texas flag or stay to the proven big bucks for the charity of the USA? What’s your vote?

Down to the stars that take forever to get meticulously painted and positioned.
100% Complete and a big possibility for donation.

9 thoughts on “USA Fire Hose Flag

  1. Hi I saw you and your beautiful flags on Fox News this morning and I really would like to order one for my Son that is a Volunteer Fire Fighter in Indiana. Can you please let me know if you sell these and what they sell for ASAP as I would like one for him for Christmas.

    Thank You

    1. I think the Fox News story was about someone else. Although I do wish my site would get some publicity. Unfortunately, I do not sell my flags. There are a few firefighters who do make them to sell. They can take considerable time to do if done correctly. Since I work full time as a firefighter, I use my limited free time to make them to donate to charities that support firefighters in need. I think you may be able to find some vendors on Etsy.

  2. I am trying to find out how to make these flags. I want to make on for my son and daughter’s volunteer fire department but cannot find tutorials or diy instructions. Could you help?? Thank you!

    1. Have you been able to find a tutorial yet? I hope so. I made my first one a little by trail and error. We did the first one as a station project and it still proudly hangs in Station 43. I have made about 5 more since the first one. Four of them were for Firefighter charity silent auctions to help Firefighter’s in need. I would love to see what you created so please send a picture soon.

    1. I keep hoping that now that I am retired I will have the time to do a tutorial. However, this last year has been a strange year. Please keep checking back because hopefully, I will find some extra time to make that happen.
      I appreciate your support of my site!

    1. Thanks for asking a question and following my posts. I typically do my base coat with a spray paint and then depending on if its an interior piece or exterior piece I use the appropriate Behr paint from Home Depot.

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