Gift Ideas For Your Firefighter

Gift Ideas For Your Firefighter

It’s always hard to come up with another great firefighter gift different than the one you gave last year. Every year I rack my brain to think of something new that I haven’t bought (or made) before. Maybe you need a gift for a special firefighter in your life or just a general gift for a fire station white elephant gift exchange. Whether your firefighter is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend, these are some of the best items out there that they will actually want and love. Plus these items won’t break the bank!

Here are my top items in no particular order because they are all good!

Channellock Tool for the Firefighter – (Usually between $35.00 to $40.00) Now I was sad to see that this one is actually temporarily out of stock on the Fire Store site and on Amazon. However, I was able to locate it on a different site that I haven’t ordered from yet. Not only do I have one, it is one of my favorite tools to give as a gift. It is definitely affordable and it is a very useful and necessary tool.

Leather Helmet Tags – (Usually between $35.00 to $40.00) Besides being a useful tool for accountability on a fire scene, these tags allow for some customizing of your helmet. Just make sure you check with your department’s guidelines to assure that you are ordering ones that you can use. Each set is custom made for your firefighter. Because of this, you need to allow extra lead time when ordering. I can personally vouch for this vendor, as she is a personal friend of mine. She makes high quality leather tags. You can find her site on Etsy. They also look great in a shadow box for members retiring.

Firefighter Gear Toiletry Bag by – (starts at about $56.00 and goes up to 77.50 depending on whether you buy the ROOKIE or the CAPTAIN). This bag is very versatile. What better way to store and transport your essentials at the fire station! I love that you can customize it. The Rookie bag:

The Captain’s bag:

Firefighter Helmet Shield. I have bought several of these over the last few years. I have personally bought myself two. I purchase one for each of the last two stations I have been assigned to. We also bought numerous ones for a Station project to honor each retiree over the last 15-20 years that retired out of Station 43. These were attached to a board to display the men and women who served and retired from that station. Even if your firefighter is no longer active but is enjoying the retired life, I am sure this would be a great gift to commemorate their career.

SCBA Respirator Mask Bag for their face piece – (appr. $15 – $30). I bought mine from the firefightersmerchandise site that I listed with the toiletry bags. However, I think the same bag is available on Amazon at this store and it is a lot cheaper on this site with free shipping.

Good luck finding the perfect gift for your firefighter or in my case … since I am the firefighter… maybe a gift for myself. Merry Christmas!!!