Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Firefighter

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Firefighter

Here is a list of a few stocking stuffer ideas that you can tell Santa all about. Maybe he will put some in your Firefighter’s stocking! I am going to make this really easy on Santa because all of these items have links to just one site – Amazon. I am pretty sure the vast majority of us all have Amazon Prime for free shipping and I bet the Big Man does too! There are numerous different vendors of each of these items so don’t forget to look around and see who has the best deal (and don’t forget check how the item is rated for quality before buying). Hopefully, this list will give you a starting point for cool and useful items that can easily be added to a Firefighter’s stocking.

Stocking Stuffer Items under $15.00

Personal Rescue Car Escape Tool to hang from your turn out coat – (from resqme available on Amazon from $8.90 and up)

Apparently most Firefighters don’t like the color pink because it is the cheapest version by a few dollars where as the other colors are just a tad higher in price or already sold out. I love this little tool because it can hang from my PPE. I don’t have to go back to the fire apparatus to find the department furnished center punch. It has an integrated, stainless steel window punch to quickly break out windows and cutter blade that allows you slice through seat belts. As cheap as these are, they also make a good gift to give several members of your crew.

Glove Strap (from Lightning X Products- available on Amazon for $8.99 and free PRIME shipping)

It is easy to keep track of your gloves when they are strapped to your PPE. There are many versions of glove straps. Some are from synthetic materials and some are made from leather. The leather ones are customizable and you’ve got to love that! However, anything customizable requires more lead time before Christmas as well as cost a little more. This strap does the job for under $10. That leaves more money in Santa’s wallet for other cool firefighting tools!

Scott Customizable Facepiece Label (By IdentiFire on Amazon $10.99 plus $4.65 s/h)

It is a very handy add on to your SCOTT facepiece as it is reflective and allows other Firefighters the ability to see who they are bumping into and talking to inside of a dark smoky structure. It also helps identify the your facepiece if you misplace it or just cast it aside on the lawn during rehab. Please make sure that your department allows this addition to your facepiece before ordering.

Firefighter SCBA Mask Bag for their Facepiece (By Lightning X Products on Amazon – $14.99 and free shipping)

This little bag is very handy for storing your facepiece. It will help protect it from scratches and marks for years. It also keeps your facepiece from rubbing against your dirty gear when it is stored. Remember that your facepiece is what you want to keep clean so that you are inhaling debris free air!

Multi Purpose Pry Tool (By Line2design on Amazon for $8.99 and free shipping)

This tool can be helpful to minimize damage when trying to force a door. But don’t forget to TRY BEFORE YOU PRY… the door may just be unlocked! There are a number of good forced entry tools but this one is so inexpensive it is easy to include this on any wish list to Santa.

Stocking Stuffer Items between $20.00 – $30.00

Wedge for Forcible Entry (By Gahring on Amazon for $23.20 and PRIME free shipping)

Gahring Machine Forced Entry Aluminum Wedge 6061-T6. This tool part marries nicely with a halligan. If you don’t have a flat head axe handy, you can utilize this wedge. This version comes with a bungee cord to secure it to your halligan.

Extrication Gloves – Available on Amazon from Intra-FIT for $29.99 and free Amazon PRIME shipping

Every firefighter needs a good pair of extrication gloves. They protect your hands while completing any form of extrication. They are oil and water repellent and allow good dexterity while providing that extra layer of protection. There are many good types of extrication gloves. Just make sure you check with your department to assure you get a pair that they approve of for use on scene. Some departments have rules, some do not! Although I also like to use this at home when I am cutting trees with my chain saw. This type of glove is very versatile.

Intra-FIT Impressive Extrication Gloves, Cut Resistant Work Gloves, Protective Oil and Water Repellent, Yellow

Remember these are just a few ideas of types of gifts. Please get out there and find which vendor/brand offers you the best quality for the best deal! Merry Christmas to all and to all a SAFE night!

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