Rustic Wine Rack From Scrap Wood

Rustic Wine Rack From Scrap Wood

I love being able to take an item you can purchase and add it to something you created for a very unique item. My husband liked the idea of storing our wine on a metal wine rack. We have two in our formal dining area that are just attached to the studs of the wall. However, in the location that he wanted to have the wine storage at our mobile home, there was no stud close enough for me to be able to firmly secure it to the wall. I would hate to have 9 bottles of wine end up broken on the floor. That would be a disaster to waste all that wine let alone the clean up as we mostly drink red wine. I actually look forward to the moments that I can think outside the box and find a solution. I ended up making a rustic wood frame (out of the remnants from my barn door project) and just attached the metal wine rack to it. This allows me to firmly secure the entire right hand side of the wood frame down the stud that sits in that spot. The middle of the actual metal portion of the wine rack would have been 6″ off from the stud.

I had 9 remnant boards all 13″ in length and one longer remnant from the “X” support of my barn door that I just cut down to the same length. If you didn’t make the barn door project to have the remnants remaining that I am talking about, you can just purchase two 1 x 4 x 8 foot furring strips at the cost of $1.98 each.

The nine boards were attached to a 1/4″ scrap of plywood. You don’t need this but, I just had it in my leftover pile and it had a bunch of paint on one side where I had utilize it as protection to my driveway when I spray painted. The only other boards you will need for this project are the sides that frame out your scrap wood. I utilized cast offs from a neighbors kitchen remodel. I am always surprised to find NEW wood in trash piles. Don’t they know that some people think it is like GOLD. Also, I don’t mind dumpster diving (or in this case front yard pick up). The less wood in the landfill, the better for us all. If you don’t have the luck that I have on stumbling across great wood in the trash. You only need one 1 x 2 x 8 furring strip. They run about $1.18 for a board.

Once your remnants are framed out with the 1 x 2, just decide on your color of stain. For my wine rack, I chose Early American by Varathane that I picked up from Home Depot. One can will last you for numerous small to medium projects. It is the same stain color (and can) that I used for the barn door. Here is the link to the barn door that I created for under $40 in under 40 minutes. You should check it out and make one for yourself if you haven’t already done so.

May I just say, I love this product. If you are looking for an easy and quick way to add a polyurethane to your project, this is an awesome way. You just spray it on in a couple of different layers til you get the coverage you want. Easy application and NO clean up of brushes!

Finally you are done with the rustic wood mount for your metal wine rack. The last item that you need to create this rustic wine rack is the actual metal wine rack. I purchased mine from Amazon for $22.00. I’ve used this brand before and to be honest the metal can be a little flimsy but it has actually allowed me to make some incredible wine racks for a very affordable price. There is no difference from this one and the similar versions that are about $40.00. I’ve bought from different suppliers and this Sorbus wine rack seems to be the best value for the same quality.

I marked where I wanted the metal wine rack to be placed on my wood piece. You don’t necessarily want to center it from top to bottom because the top bottle of wine will take up some visual space once your wine rack is full.

Instead of utilizing the screws that came with the wine rack, I used two sheet metal screws that had nuts to secure the wine rack to the back. If you want to assure that the connections are even more snug, you can always use a product like Loctite.

I haven’t fully installed it yet so I wasn’t willing to fully stock up the wine since it is sitting on my floor and just leaning at an angle on a wall. But you get the look of the project. I am going to install this on a white faux shiplap wall. I think it will look amazing in our space and a great way to store 9 bottles of wine for gatherings.

Materials for this project:

·        2 – 1 x 4 x 8′ furring strips @ $1.98 –

·        1 – 1 x 2 x 8′ furring strip for frame border @ $1.18

·        Small amount of stain

·        Polyurethane

·        1 – 9 bottle wine rack – I purchase mine from
Amazon for $22.00

I was able to create this project for just the price of the metal wine rack
that I purchased from Amazon. However, even if you have to buy the wood, your investment in this project should be under $30.00. What a great way to add a statement piece that also is a functional piece to store and display your wine.