Lantern Solar Lighting

Lantern Solar Lighting

Curb appeal is so important to me. I, equally, like my backyard to be a relaxing oasis for our home. Exterior lighting is so important for both of these goals. There are two issues I have found with getting just the right lighting in my front yard or my back yard. The first issue is do I have an outlet nearby if I am using electrical lighting? The second issue comes if I decide to use a battery option. if I use battery-operated lights, they don’t always last long, and sometimes at the most inopportune moment, the battery dies. So I came up with my own solution to this problem. Solar lantern lighting with twinkle lights. They are a big hit at our house. Even the grandkids love them. They solved both of my problems. The need to replace the batteries on battery-operated candles and the issue of insufficient electrical outlets in the areas I wanted lighting. Solar twinkle lights for the win. I wound them around my existing regular candles and I’ll have romantic lighting anywhere I want. I love how the twinkle solar lights look in the lanterns. Another good thing is that I can easily move them whenever I want lighting.

I purchased my lanterns about two years back from Home Depot. However, any similar style lantern will do.

Note: I do live in the south so the candles will need to be replaced with something else during the extreme heat here at our main house. At our mobile home lake cottage, I had smaller lanterns. Since I didn’t have existing candles to use, I just bought clear glass vases from the Dollar Tree and wrapped the solar twinkle lights around the vase for the same amazing look but no future heat and wax issues will have to be addressed. The lights were Solar String Lights, 100LED Copper Wire Solar Fairy Lights. They were 33 Ft. long and had 8 modes. They are waterproof and suitable for outdoor uses. I purchased the Warm White but they are available in other colors. I bought the UPOOK brand from Amazon. See link below for solar lights.

and this link below is for a similar style of lantern lights to the ones I bought at Home Depot.

As you can see, this lantern is one at the lake. Because I used clear glass as my support, you can see the lighting on both sides. They look amazing at night and really improved my curb appeal there. Also since we aren’t there full time, they provide a sense that the home is occupied which is also very important.

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