4th of July Vintage Radio Flyer

4th of July Vintage Radio Flyer

I love shopping at antique malls for vintage goods. My husband and I went on a little excursion so we could see what wares other parts of the country had. Luckily, we ran across this little gem in Chochote, Oklahoma. I would have loved if the Radio Flyer had a little more age on it and had more of a vintage look. However, I do try to keep in mind that my husband doesn’t love the vintage look as much as I do. He prefers pristine items.

When I saw this Radio Flyer Tricycle in the store, I already envisioned exactly how it was going to be transformed into porch decor for the upcoming 4th of July as well as I am stirring up ideas for Christmas porch decor.

It took me a few more vintage stores and another state over to find the basket that it needed. I found this little basket in Hollister, Missouri. It was a perfect find at $5.00.

Literally, it took me 10 minutes to combined all the 4th of July decorations into the basket to get this look. I had made the scrap wood DIY firecrackers the previous week as well as the DIY sparklers. Below is the link to the DIY Firecrackers.

Here’s several of the DIY firecrackers I was able to make in less than a day.

I had bought a roll of ribbon about two weeks prior to this at a sidewalk sale in Canton, Texas. It was a steal at $1.00 for the roll. I try to always have my eyes open for great deals that I can use for projects. I simply tied it on in a few spots to give it a little more patriotic pop!

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