Fire Hose Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Fire Hose Wall Mounted Coat Rack

I’ve been creating Firefighter items for about 6-7 years now. Some projects are created from wood only but are painted with a firefighter theme. Some are created and customized with fire hose. It seems that most Firefighters have at least one wall in their home that is dedicated to proudly showing off their profession. That really is why I started making things from fire hose. I like to create items for Firefighter charities and whenever I donate an item that is made of fire hose, that item just skyrockets on bringing in proceeds. This happens at silent auction events just as easily as live auction events. Of course, the bigger the item, the more impactful the fire hose makes.

Big-ticket charity items that I have made have usually been my USA fire hose flag or my Texas fire hose flag. It makes my heart proud to see the amounts of money that these go for because it really impacts whomever the recipient of the charity was for. I am always trying to come up with things that will be different from my donations to the previous years’ charity event. For the 2019 Firefighter Ball (Colbert Project) held in Rockwall, Texas I made some of my usual items. The usual items included a large Texas fire hose flag, a wood cross customized with fire hose, and a customized fire station marble board. Then I added in an item that I had never seen at a firefighter-themed event. I made a wall mount fire hose coat rack. It was the second one I made because the first one was my demo and ended up on the wall in the Officer’s bedroom to store each of our jackets. To be honest, I’d love to steal the demo off that wall and re-do it because it was created before I worked out all of the kinks.

My first attempt… the demo… which then became the coat rack in the officer bedroom at my station.
and the better attempt which was the 2019 Firefighter Ball donation.

I am going to keep editing this post as I come across pictures of all the Wall Mounted Fire Hose Coat Racks. The problem is that sometimes I give them away before I captured a decent picture. Maybe the recipients will be nice enough to send me pictures of their firefighter items in their rightful place.

Here are pictures of my latest creations.

29″ – 3 hook – Black Rustic Wall Mounted Fire Hose Coat Rack created 07/22/2021
29″ – 3 hook – stained alder wood Wall Mounted Fire Hose Coat Rack created 8/10/2021
28″ – 3 hook – Wall Mounted Fire Hose Coat Rack created 8/15/2021

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