Leftover Baseboards Become a Tree Crate

Leftover Baseboards Become a Tree Crate

I was having so much fun this holiday season when I made an heirloom quality Christmas Tree Crate from some discarded antique table extensions (see the link below for that project), that I had to find an opportunity to make at least one more. We had some flooring issues at our home and had to replace the underlayment which also meant that we would have to replace the luxury vinyl planks and the baseboards. Our home was built in 1970, so granted the baseboards had already had 50 years of use and abuse from toy trucks and furniture being jammed into them. Since the floor replacement was an unexpected expense, I was trying to keep any portion of the project as inexpensive as I could. I told the contractor that I would buy and replace the baseboards myself and to not include that portion in the bid. I personally think baseboards are an easy DIY project and I am quite comfortable doing this type of project.

That being said, I found Ten 8′ baseboards that were someone else’s surplus on FB marketplace and purchased all 10 for $50. A $5 for each board, I thought it was a pretty good deal.

I knew that 10 baseboards would give me some surplus for bad cuts. However, I didn’t make any bad cuts so I ended up having 3 1/2 baseboards left over. Since I was already in the obsession of creating my own DIY Christmas Tree Crates. I thought surely there had to be a way to incorporate some of my leftovers to create a new and unique tree crate. I was hoping that the end project would look unique and not obviously state “oh this was made with baseboards”.

I am very conscientious of our money. I always have been… because let’s face it, when we were first married we were broke. So I have just always been frugal and haven’t really changed my habits. I did want to buy a new ‘pencil’ tree instead of a slim tree for one of our bedrooms. The pencil tree is a perfect size tree when you really don’t have much floor space to give up. I scoured a few stores. Hobby Lobby had a pencil tree for $99, but Walmart had one for $59. So it was Walmart for the win.

She is pretty cute except for that boring tree base. I know some people like to use a tree skirt and others use a tree collar. But I personally love a tree crate.

I started making a square form out of some leftover shiplap that a friend had given me. I made the square just 1/2″ wider than the tree base. After that, I just cut my remnant baseboards with a 45-degree mitre cut at each end so I could have a clean look to the project when the tree crate was completed.

Once I had the baseboards stacked on top of each other on the frame, I just wood-filled the mitre cuts and the nail holes left by my finishing nailgun. Then just sanded and painted it all with a quick coat of white paint. However, I thought the tree crate looked a little underwhelming. So back to my scrap pile I went. I found two curbside yellow pine bed slats and unfortunately had to grab one 8′ 1 x 2″ pine board from my new pile.

The yellow pine slats were about 2″ wide and looked beautiful once the stain was added to them. What a great way to salvage a curbside find. I have always loved how many beautiful projects can be made from old bed slats that someone leaves for the landfill. Less in the landfill and a pretty project that doesn’t cost much is a win-win for me.

I have to say, if I were to do this project again, I would just flip the bottom baseboard so that the two heavy ends of the baseboards came together to form a different look and pattern. I think it would have disguised that the project was made with baseboards just a little better. All in all, this project cost me $10 in leftover baseboards and about another $5 for the new 1 x 2″ pine select board that I purchased from Home Depot. Fifteen dollars is a worthy expense for how beautifully finished off this tree now looks. I am happy and I hope I inspire you to think about what you can make with leftover baseboards rather than to throw them to the curb. That is… unless you live in my neighborhood… then throw them away all you want because I will rescue them and give them new life!

So pretty now!

The link to my other tree crate: https://mothertruckerdesigns.com/2021/11/20/christmas-tree-crate/


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