About me

About me

Thanks for joining me here at “Mother Trucker Designs”! I’m so glad that you stopped by to look around. I hope you will continually come back to see what else I have created.

At first, I started my blog just to share how I make beautiful firefighter-related items for charity and hopefully inspire others to find their niche in giving back to their careers. But then there was so much more to me than just my career as a firefighter. I was a wife, mom, and nana. I loved to create things that were budget-friendly but improved our home. So my blog just morphed into sharing other home projects, DIY tutorials, budget-friendly decor, and home decorating ideas.

I love everything about making a house a home AND, of course, I love, love, love projects (probably much to my husband’s chagrin). I love to see what I can create from thrift store finds, scrap wood, and even curbside finds. The more inexpensive you can transform a space, the bigger bragging rights I think it should give you. I’m so thankful that my husband puts up with my project mess. I often have more than one project going at a time so it truly can make our house and garage seem like complete chaos. We’ve been married for over 30 years so I guess he has just learned to live with all my bad habits and now that my kids are grown, he is really the only one that has to put up with all this MESS.

Thanks for visiting! I’m excited to continue this blogging journey with all of you!   For my brothers and sisters of the fire department family, Stay Safe. For my DIY project people and people trying to make their house a home, I hope I inspire you on a project or two!

Soon I will have the link set up to follow my “Mother Trucker Designs” blog. Then you won’t miss any of the projects, DIY, and decor to come!

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