Quick DIY Project – Bathtub Tray

Quick DIY Project – Bathtub Tray

I would say that a bathtub tray is one of the 5 easiest projects you can make in a day. I had seen so many on Pinterest and Etsy shops. However, even from the first idea of one, I knew that I would make my own and not buy one. When you make your own projects not only do you save money and shipping… you also can make it to the exact dimensions that you need and get instant gratification. You don’t have to wait for someone to make it for you or wait for the postal service to deliver it.

I have an oversize jacuzzi tub that we put in 10-12 years back when we did a bathroom remodel. I think if I was doing a bathroom remodel today, I would probably choose just a sleek design soaker tub that you see in all the HGTV remodels. My tub is a little wider than most so my bathtub tray needed to be a little wider than most.

I started making the tray super late one night. It was already dark outside but my driveway has good enough lighting to let me work on projects after dark. Earlier in the week, I had purchased a bunch of boards from Rockler from their discount pile. I also purchased two handles at Hobby Lobby when they were having their 50% off sale. So that was almost all the materials I would need.

List of Materials and Equipment:

  • One board that is a few inches wider than your tub opening/frame
  • Two metal handles and screws to attach
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain of choice
  • Spray poly
  • 1 drill and drill bit

For my board, I chose a hickory board. Hickory wood is mostly used for flooring and for furniture as it is a dense heavy wood. I happened across an inexpensive piece. Normally Hickory can be pretty pricey. I bought my board for $3.00 and I purchased my 2 handles for $5.99 since they were normally $5.99 each but were on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Because I always have stain and sandpaper, I didn’t need to purchase either of those, and to be honest, this type of project takes very little of either.

Once my board was cut to the correct length (35″ for my bathtub needs), I pre-drilled the holes I would need for the handles. My board was 9.25″ wide. You can always use a piece of cardboard to lay across your tub to decide the width that looks good for you. Some trays are made with little slats of wood under them to keep them from accidentally moving and ending up in the tub. Since Hickory is such a dense heavy wood, I felt my design did not need to have this feature.

Hobby Lobby had many handle options that would have worked. I just was drawn to these simple black ones. I liked the length and the simplicity of the handles. Plus two handles for $5.99… I don’t think you can beat that!

I used Provincial stain for my board. I love the grain of the Hickory board with the provincial stain. I actually ended up coating it twice with the stain to get the richness I wanted.

You can layer on a few decor pieces to make your bathtub tray cozy. I just added the candle and the sand dollars at first, but then I went to the wine rack and added my favorite bottle of blueberry wine, a glass, and some dark chocolate. Even though the project was simple, I thought I should at least relax and enjoy a bubble bath as a reward for making my own bathtub tray!

Another great accessory for your bathtub tray can be a great bathtub brush. I purchased mine for just around $11.00 on Amazon. I think that the bathtub tray and the brush set would also make a great gift!

Here’s the exact one I purchased. I love how it came delivered in the little cardboard box. It was perfect for my needs and I think I’ll order another one for a gift!


I am hoping that you might also find joy in creating your own bathtub tray! If you do, don’t forget to relax and soak your troubles away as soon as you have the tray complete.

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