Quick DIY Project – Wall Hook Rack

Quick DIY Project – Wall Hook Rack

Don’t you love a DIY that is budget-friendly and impactful to a space? I think one of the easiest DIY projects is wall hook racks. Basically, you take a board and add some hooks with screws, and you are done. The way that you make the wall hook rack have personality is by the type of wood you use, the color of stain or paint that you choose, and the style of hooks that you purchase.

I wrote a previous post about how to choose the correct wood from the different types to get the final project to be what you envisioned as well as to have a successful project. It can be found here:

At first, I thought I would make a wall peg rack instead of a wall hook rack because I just wanted to do something different. However, after drilling the holes and putting the board in place behind my bathroom door, I realized that the oak pegs I purchased off Amazon were just a little longer than I wanted for the limited space there.

Now I was left with a pre-drilled piece of oak board and I just hated to throw it into the scrap pile. I had two options of metal hooks that I had purchased. Both easily covered the peg hole so my problem was solved. A little wood fill and some sanding got me back to the starting position.

I have to say that the screws that come with the hooks that I purchased from Amazon are just not very good. If you are screwing the hooks into a softwood, like pine, the matching screws will work fine. If you are utilizing hardwood like the oak board that I used, you will have to replace those screws with stronger ones that won’t break off. I have found that black nail polish works wonders to paint the top of the screw to match the hook.

I found these little oak plugs to hide the anchor screws that I needed to use to attach my hook rack to the wall. I just stained them a matching tone and it was an easy way to hide the screws. I found these oak plugs on Amazon for under $4.00 for 25 plugs.

Always take the extra time to make sure you are installing your wall hook rack level.

The good thing about making your hook rack yourself, you can customize the length. I wanted mine to span the space from one door molding to the other door molding. I made my hook rack 29.5″ in length. Since my original oak board was only $2 and the 5 hooks were about $1.25 each, I was able to create this wall hook rack to conveniently store our robes in our bathroom for under $10. I would say that was a win!

Even though I wanted my bathroom to be inspired by a basic design of whites and woods, this wall still looked a little underwhelming until I added my piece of artwork above it. The painting is one that I picked up in Ireland at a local craft fair. I think that local artisan souvenirs are the best.

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